"Ijo People" - credits

Max Nguyen - Director

Brenda Nguyen - Executive Producer

Bildeaux - beat architect
Ryan Blum-Kryzstal - vocals, keys
Brad Houser - bass, saxophone
Chris Forsage - guitar, trumpet
Chal Boudreaux - guitar, bass
Andrew Tachovsky - guitar
Nick Nack - turntables

cast (in alphabetical order):
Jim Broaddus - business man
Vick Cassanova - corporate flunkie
Richard Hasenmyer - man in the paper hat
Steven Hasenmyer - V.P. of nothing
Kyle Jones - man gone sane
Jami Milner - coffee spiller
Brenda Nguyen - dead weight
Mary "Eeps" Nguyen - office slacker
Marianne Thai - business woman
Joice Wang - crazy driver

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